Resumiendo, Tryton es un fork de la version 5.0 de OpenERP y es el framework por el que estoy apostando para dar la solucion de gestion mas optima a mis proyectos

A continuacion el script para descargarte todo los modulos de Tryton desarrollados por Zikzakmedia y tienen alojados en bitbucket

modulos=('network' 'electronic_mail_template' 'base_external_mapping' 'project_helpdesk' 'magento_product' 'stock_cart' \
         'internetdomain_invoice_standalone' 'account_invoice_data' 'sale_payment_web' 'sale_commission' 'internetdomain_alert' \
         'electronic_mail_wizard' 'dbcopy' 'electronic_mail' 'getmail' 'smtp' 'subscription' 'account_invoice_jreport' 'pyme' \
         'sale_jreport' 'party_salesman' 'product_special_price' 'product_oneclick' 'stock_valued' 'stock_valued_discount_report' \
         'electronic_mail_pyme' 'electronic_mail_event' 'product_sale_sequence' 'product_purchase_sequence' 'party_mercantil' \
         'helpdesk' 'contract_invoice' 'contract' 'sale_salesman' 'stock_valued_report' 'stock_valued_discount' \
         'stock_supply_best_supplier' 'stock_origin_sale' 'stock_origin' 'sale_waiting' 'sale_shop' 'sale_payment_policy' \
         'sale_opportunity_mail' 'sale_margin_waiting' 'sale_margin' 'project_employee' 'product_variant' 'product_sequence' \
         'product_price_list_formula' 'product_price_list_category' 'product_manufacturer' 'product_configuration' \
         'product_barcode_label' 'product_barcode' 'party_type' 'party_event' 'internetdomain_invoice' 'esale' 'django' \
         'contract_formula' 'carrier_service' 'account_invoice_line_stand2invoice' 'account_invoice_discount_report' \
         'internetdomain' 'product_attachments' 'sale_asterisk' 'party_asterisk_event' 'party_asterisk' 'magento_manufacturer' \
         'magento' 'esale_sale' 'esale_product' 'carrier_send_shipments_envialia' 'carrier_send_shipments' 'account_payment_csv' \
         'sale_discount_report' 'asterisk' 'account_issue' 'product_size' 'product_color' 'purchase_invoice_cancel' 'country_zip_mx')

for i in "${modulos[@]}"
   hg clone$i $i

Repositorio de Zikzakmedia en bitbucket :


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